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Name Cards

Personalize your event with custom name cards for your guests! Not only do these gorgeous names add that extra bit of glam to event, but also give a your guests a nice little takeaway.


Custom Name Cards

The Details.

Size: 2.5" tall by proportioned width

The Prices.

$3.00     wood - bamboo, birch, cedar, cherry, maple, MDF, walnut

$4.00     glossy - clear, black, white, grey

$5.00     frosted - white, ice blue, blue, yellow, green, lilac, red, orange, light pink

$5.00     neon - pink, orange, red, yellow, green

$6.00     metallic - gold, silver, bright silver, dark silver

$6.00     mirror - gold, silver, rose gold

$7.00     glitter - black, gold, silver, deep red, bright red 

Font Options

Material Options


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